Technical Representation at Public Exhibitions

Consultation with the local community is becoming an increasingly important part of the planning submission process, with developers regularly being required to present formal public exhibitions (particularly for larger schemes) in order to showcase the proposals, and for the public to be able to provide comments and raise questions.


The purpose of community engagement is for the public to be able to influence the design and development proposals before they are finalised by the developer.


This process is normally conducted through means of public exhibitions, whereby the developer would hire out a town hall (or similar) and then set up an ‘exhibition’ of the development proposals, typically providing boards with information about the proposals, plans showing the location of the site in relation to the rest of the town / village, as well as the masterplan for the proposed development.


How We Can Help

AMB Consultants is experienced in representing their clients as part of the community consultation process. Crucially, we are able to present technical and sometimes complicated information in a clear and concise way so that is easily understood by a layperson.


We understand that proposals for new development can elicit hostile (and often misinformed) reactions and opinions by local residents especially when it comes to highway related issues such as highway layout, traffic generation and impact. This can make for heated discussion at public exhibitions.


We know just how to handle such situations, where calm and authoritative explanations usually placate even the most irate resident! A positive public consultation process can sometimes make the difference between planning approval and refusal. We combine expert opinion with a cool head to help ensure a successful end result.


The Benefits

The benefits of using AMB Consultants at Technical Exhibitions are:

  • Providing technical input to the exhibition boards/information.
  • A specialist attending public exhibitions (or similar) on behalf of the developer to answer queries in relation to transport planning, traffic generation and new highway layout etc.
  • Helping to ensure your proposal is presented in the best possible light.
  • Helping to achieve positive reaction to the proposals through the provision of informative, yet friendly dialogue with the public / local residents.
  • Helping you to achieve planning consent and comply with the requirements of community consultation through positive engagement