Travel Plans

A Travel Plan is a package of measures produced, for example, by employers to encourage staff to use alternative travel modes to single-occupancy car-use. Such a plan could include a car sharing scheme, a commitment to improve cycling facilities, a dedicated bus service or restricted car parking allocations. It might also promote flexible working practices and home working practices by using broadband, remote access and video conferencing.


School Travel Plans can also be required to reduce single occupancy car use, address the issue of congestion at the school gates and improve road safety for all users. They provide a framework to help pupils, parents, teachers and other staff change their travel habits.


A Travel Plan is also a means of demonstrating a good corporate environmental image. Government policies and guidance encourage the adoption of Travel Plans throughout the UK. Often Travel Plans are introduced as part of a Section 106 Agreement, secured through a planning condition or voluntarily produced. They are becoming an increasingly common feature of both new and established developments.


The Benefits

  • A Travel Plan introduced as part of a section 106 agreement will assist developer’s in? securing planning permission for the development.
  • Improved health and fitness levels for individuals with cost and time savings.
  • Reduction in road congestion and pollution.
  • Reduction in local parking demand.
  • Improvement to safety along routes to and from the development.
  • A stronger environmental performance and image which will assist with Public Relations.

How We Can Help

AMB Consultants have vast experience in the preparation of travel plans for all types of development. We are able to undertake all the necessary technical work and we will also liaise with the Local Highway Authority throughout the process to ensure that as much of the report as possible is agreed in advance. This helps to facilitate smooth progress through the planning system from application to planning approval.


Require a Travel Plan?


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