Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering is the design and construction of measures to regulate or improve the flow of traffic. It incorporates elements such as traffic signal design, traffic calming, bus and cycle priority, variable message signage, intelligent transport systems, traffic regulation orders, contra-flows and speed limits.


Where a development requires works to be carried out to an existing public highway, an agreement must be made between the developer and the Local Highway Authority under Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980. The agreement covers works such as the construction of new access roads, the improvement of junctions with the highway and safety related works such as traffic calming and improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. Works within the limits of the publicly maintained highway are not permitted until the Section 278 Agreement is completed and the financing secured.


The Benefits

The benefits of our professional traffic engineering services are:

  • A timely and professionally prepared agreement under Section 278 will avoid delays to the completion of the development.
  • Design of suitable off site highway improvements as an integral part of a development will help to secure planning consent
  • Reallocating road space for more sustainable modes of transport such as public transport and cycling will improve the accessibility criteria of your development site.
  • Identifying the most suitable form of access to a development site (signals, roundabout, etc.) will reduce local congestion and over engineering.
  • Ensuring that proposals for new highway infrastructure comply with relevant design standards will avoid costly rework and delays.
  • Design of new roads in conjunction with a new development will relieve congestion
  • Optimising the performance of traffic signal junctions will reduce congestion.


How We Can Help

AMB Consultants provide a comprehensive service on all matters relating to traffic engineering from conception through to completion. Our experienced engineers are adept at identifying innovative solutions to highway and traffic problems, from the preparation of preliminary design proposals to the completion of detailed drawings to gain technical approval and for construction purposes.